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We Handle Crypto Taxes. You Relax.

Simplify crypto taxes effortlessly with our team. We take care of the complexities so you can relax and stay compliant.

Crypto Expertise Sets Us Apart

Why Vincere Tax Is Different

When it comes to filing taxes for Crypto-related capital gains…There’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news:

Almost ALL crypto investors are mistakenly under-reporting their capital gains...Which means, if you get audited, then you could stand to sustain catastrophic financial losses.

The good news:

If you know how to work the system, (as our expert team does) you can minimize risk, while at the same time protecting a larger portion of your earnings than ever before. In other words: it’s better to play the tax game and WIN than it is to evade taxes and LOSE.

The Vincere Tax Crypto-Centric Approach


Real-Time Regulatory Knowledge

We keep a watchful eye over any new regulatory developments, so you can trust that each and every one of your bases has been covered.


Accurate Reporting

Unlocking crypto profits is lucrative but often leads to underreported earnings and hefty IRS bills. Our team ensures you're prepared, offering in-depth earnings analysis and strategic reporting to safeguard against audits.


On-Going Support

Our support team is here to help you every step of the way with unparalleled access to the industry’s most knowledgeable crypto-based accounting specialists. From potential write-offs to new market trends, we’re here to talk crypto anytime, anywhere

Get Reliable Crypto Tax Analysis in 3 Simple Steps


Free Consultation

Join us for a quick call to assess and protect your assets fast.


In-Depth Tax Planning

We’ll dig deep into both your traditional and cryptocurrency earnings and develop a tax reporting strategy that helps you keep more of your hard earned digital money.


Pre-File Reports

Before filing your taxes, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your reported earnings and eligible write-offs, leaving no stone unturned tax preparations.

Now, you can stay ahead of the game with a specialized accountant dedicated to protecting your assets in tax season and beyond.