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Don't sleep on one of the biggest perks of being a business owner! There are massive opportunities for business owners to save on their tax bills. So keep more of your hard-earned money instead of giving it to Uncle Sam! 

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Is Your “Tax Guy” Making “The $11,000 Mistake?”

No question about it: you love your tax guy (especially if that’s you…) But even the nicest guy in the world has to “go,” if he or she is not saving you “every last nickel, dime and penny” you can LEGALLY keep from that cunning, conniving culprit calling themselves Uncle Sam – right?The results are in. The numbers don’t lie. And survey after survey has shown most business owners are overpaying on their taxes each and every year. Most of them even have “great tax guys” like you do. Here’s how it’s happening.

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Here’s Where “Tax Guys/Gals” And Business Owners Alike Are Missing Opportunities For Enormous Tax Savings:

> Showing up conveniently just in time for tax season, instead of working on your taxes year-round (yes, even for small businesses!)

> Doing taxes the old-fashioned way instead of using the latest technology (and we’re NOT talking about Turbo Tax here… or H&R Block either!!)

> Rushing through your taxes, focusing on providing great convenience and customer service, rather than maximum savings

> Not planning your taxes around a concerted strategy that starts the day after “Tax Day” the year before…

> Crossing “I’s” and dotting “T’s” INSTEAD of hunting down deductions buried deep in the tax code for your benefit

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most small and medium sized business owners are using these same strategies. It’s a phenomenon we call “reactive tax preparation.” (as opposed to the kind of “proactive tax strategies” we employ at Vincere Tax.)

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It’s Easy To See The Vincere Tax Difference

Everyone knows if you underpay on your taxes, the IRS will ruthlessly hunt you down and collect every penny… But if you overpay, they won’t complain or correct their mistake until someone fighting on your behalf does the same thing to them. That’s why you need a tax team that takes finding deductions and mediating on your behalf with the IRS seriously. As an enrolled agent, Vincere Tax can legally represent you directly to the IRS.

“We use our unique abilities to *legally* squeeze every last penny we can out of your tax return.”

How Our Signature “Proactive Approach” To Taxes Can Yield Unusually High Tax Savings For You This Year:

We help you aggressively minimize costs and sniff out sneaky little deductions that add up to BIG monetary savings

We work year-round to ensure you’re on the optimum tax plan for your business’ financial needs and goals

We’ll help you take advantage of the government’s least talked about business tax credits you’ve probably been missing for years

We’ll help you easily write off bad debt and other “less than desirable” expenses, turning them into a net positive!

In short, we’ll install a well thought-out game plan that covers every one of your bases and lets you keep more of your money - the easy way

And we’ll do it all using our exclusive blend of cutting edge technology and dynamic tax code know-how

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